Story Summary When an abundance of teen girls go missing in a small town in Nebraska, an ambitious detective must find them and the people responsible before they are shipped out of the country, never to be seen again. Follow the detective in his investigation to find the missing girls. Will he recover all ofContinue reading “FOR SALE – AUTHOR SUMMARY”

Hey James! What’s next?

I just started on my next novel. The temporary title is called “Cultivation of Life.” However, as many of you know, the title given at the beginning of writing is not necessarily the one given when the book is complete. Without giving too many details away, the premise of this book is about farming humansContinue reading “Hey James! What’s next?”

New Reads for a New Year?

Looking for a new book to read this year? Try one of the four books that I put out during 2020! (When you’re quarantined, you write… right?) Highway 1 Homicides — Joe Dodson was recently released from prison after time served for a crime he committed fifteen years ago. Now he is in public againContinue reading “New Reads for a New Year?”