What’s Happening on California Highway 1?

Joe Dodson was recently released from prison after time served for a crime he committed fifteen years ago. Now he is in public again and once he kills again, he gets the urge to do it again, and again, and again. Follow Joe on his killing spree down Highway 1 in California with the FBIContinue reading “What’s Happening on California Highway 1?”

Addiction Can Be Deadly

My latest book, “Highway 1 Homicides” is all about a man’s struggle to control his addiction to kill people. It may not be your typical addictive behavior to drugs or alcohol, but it is still an addiction. Follow Joe Dodson on his trek down Highway One in California as he tries to deal with realizingContinue reading “Addiction Can Be Deadly”

It’s Finally Here! My New Book!

My newest book is finally here. Highway 1 Homicides follows a serial killer down his killing spree on Highway 1 in California. Everywhere he goes, he seems to leave a body behind. Can the FBI catch him in time before he kills more?
You will just have to read the book to find out.

Shop From My Site!

Great news! My Shop page is now live. That means you can easily find my books to purchase for your very own. Do you like general fiction? Then Highway One is a great read. Do you need help with inspiration or creativity? Then Unfinished Stories might be a good book for you. Check out theContinue reading “Shop From My Site!”

Unfinished Stories – Writing Prompts

Last week I talked a little bit of writer’s block and even gave you a brief look into what I do to help keep my creative juices flowing. I’m going to continue on with that same topic and talk a bit about two books that I published that are meant for the one purpose ofContinue reading “Unfinished Stories – Writing Prompts”

Tired of Creative Block?

As a writer, there have been many times where I sit and stare at my computer wondering what I want to write about. I will sit and sit and an hour later, the page is still blank. As a photographer, I would have a similar problem. Looking through the lens of my camera, I wouldContinue reading “Tired of Creative Block?”