My First Non-Fiction Book – DO IT YOUR WAY

DO IT YOUR WAY came about while I was writing my latest novel, Jars of Hearts. I realized my career had taken a total 180-degree turn and I am now working at a job that I enjoy and love doing every day. I thought writing a book about finding your dream job would be perfectContinue reading “My First Non-Fiction Book – DO IT YOUR WAY”

NOW AVAILABLE… Jars of Hearts!

My latest novel is finally available! Jars of Hearts is a crime thriller with a twist. Sonopsis:10 years ago, a serial killer was on the loose in San Francisco and was never caught. But now, a decade later, it appears that the killer is back. More bodies are showing up with the same M.O. asContinue reading “NOW AVAILABLE… Jars of Hearts!”


Story Summary When an abundance of teen girls go missing in a small town in Nebraska, an ambitious detective must find them and the people responsible before they are shipped out of the country, never to be seen again. Follow the detective in his investigation to find the missing girls. Will he recover all ofContinue reading “FOR SALE – AUTHOR SUMMARY”


Story Summary After a two-year hiatus, Joe Dodson has returned. This time on Route 66 in Oklahoma. After he escapes from the FBI in San Diego, Joe is now ready to kill again. This time, no mess, just bodies. He poisons his victims in his trek to Las Vegas. When the two FBI agents seeContinue reading “ROUTE 66 HOMICIDES – AUTHOR SUMMARY”

HIGHWAY 1 HOMICIDES – Author’s Summary

Story Summary Joe Dodson has just been released from prison. After 15 years, he is finally a free man, once again. However, one of the challenges of being a free man with nothing to do, you fall back to what you were doing before you got sent to the big house. After Joe murders one,Continue reading “HIGHWAY 1 HOMICIDES – Author’s Summary”

“For Sale” Cover Design Poll

HELP! I’m looking for assistance in choosing the cover design for my latest novel, “For Sale.” Looking at the two covers below, could you reply to this post and let me know which one you like best? Cover A – Tied upCover B – Caged up I appreciate you help.

Highway One – A Novel by J.H. Morris

Highway One is about a singer/songwriter in California that takes a road trip to forget about one of the worst days he has ever had. The road trip takes him to towns and cities down the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco all the way to San Diego. When he stops for a rest atContinue reading “Highway One – A Novel by J.H. Morris”