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Book "Highway 1 Homicides" by J.H. Morris.

Highway 1 Homicides

Joe Dodson was recently released from prison after time served for a crime he committed fifteen years ago. Now he is in public again and once he kills again, he gets the urge to do it again, and again, and again.

Follow Joe on his killing spree down Highway 1 in California with the FBI in chase. Find out if Joe goes back to prison or if he escapes the clutches of the FBI.

Book "Route 66 Homicides" by J.H. Morris.

Route 66 Homicides

Joe Dodson is on the move again, after coming out of hiding for the last two years. This time, he is on Route 66 playing his game of murder. He gave Special Agent Tom Bundy the notification that he would be killing again, but does Tom have the knowledge and know-how to find Joe before he kills too many?

Book "California Highway" by J. H. Morris.

California Highway

Tyler Bishop is an upcoming singer/songwriter that has one of the worst days of his life. He lost his job, his girlfriend, and his scheduled gigs all in one night — now, with a police record attached to him, he is looking to find himself again. His friend convinces him to take a road trip to clear his mind and to start thinking clearly. That leads Tyler down Highway 1 in California, where he meets interesting people and gets some advice for his life. Follow Tyler down Highway One on his journey to find himself all over again.

Book "For Sale: A Human Trafficking Novel" by J. H. Morris.

For Sale: A Human Trafficking Novel

Children are going missing in Hunt, Nebraska at an alarming rate. When Detectives Cansdale and Middleton progress through their investigation, they uncover an organized crime ring that even has them scratching their heads. It is only after the FBI is brought in that the mystery of the missing children is answered.

Jars of Hearts

When the same M.O. is found to be used on new murders in San Francisco, two detectives must uncover the truth about who is doing the killing. When the truth is discovered, it unleashes an investigation that goes deep into the history of the police department’s homicide division.

Follow detectives Mike Greenhill and Steve Triggs as they investigate the horrendous serial killings to find the true killer of the city.

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