The One Thing World Class Writers Do To Get More Followers

Ah, the joys of marketing your stuff. Am I right? Everyone enjoys the countless hours and the amount of time it takes to promote your writing on social media sites. NOT!​ Check out this online class/tutorial on building a social media strategy so you can start building a following.

January 11 – National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

In honor of this day, I am giving away an autographed copy of my book, “For Sale: A human trafficking novel” to three random fans that sign up for me email list. How to win your copy: Go to Email List Signup form. Fill out the form and send it in. Three lucky winners willContinue reading “January 11 – National Human Trafficking Awareness Day”

Hey James! What’s next?

I just started on my next novel. The temporary title is called “Cultivation of Life.” However, as many of you know, the title given at the beginning of writing is not necessarily the one given when the book is complete. Without giving too many details away, the premise of this book is about farming humansContinue reading “Hey James! What’s next?”

New Reads for a New Year?

Looking for a new book to read this year? Try one of the four books that I put out during 2020! (When you’re quarantined, you write… right?) Highway 1 Homicides — Joe Dodson was recently released from prison after time served for a crime he committed fifteen years ago. Now he is in public againContinue reading “New Reads for a New Year?”

“California Highway” – Re-written and edited

If you are anything like me as a writer, you get impatient and try to get your new work out as quickly as possible. That’s exactly what I did with my first novel, “Highway One.” You may have noticed that “Highway One” is no longer available. If you purchased a copy of that book backContinue reading ““California Highway” – Re-written and edited”

“For Sale” Cover Design Poll

HELP! I’m looking for assistance in choosing the cover design for my latest novel, “For Sale.” Looking at the two covers below, could you reply to this post and let me know which one you like best? Cover A – Tied upCover B – Caged up I appreciate you help.