Story Summary

When an abundance of teen girls go missing in a small town in Nebraska, an ambitious detective must find them and the people responsible before they are shipped out of the country, never to be seen again.

Follow the detective in his investigation to find the missing girls. Will he recover all of them alive? Will he be too late? Will he, himself, survive the ordeal?

Where Did The Idea Come From?

One night, watching the news, a segment came on the air about how our local District Attorney’s office said, “child trafficking is not a problem in our county.” It made me think. Do all small-town DA’s think this? Do political seats in small communities think this is only a large city problem?

I authored the story hoping to bring to light the problem with human trafficking is not limited to our country’s big cities. But the small communities must deal with the same type of issues.

I hope you enjoy the story based only on my own imagination.

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Published by jameshmorris

Photographer located in Central Oregon.

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