Story Summary

After a two-year hiatus, Joe Dodson has returned. This time on Route 66 in Oklahoma. After he escapes from the FBI in San Diego, Joe is now ready to kill again. This time, no mess, just bodies. He poisons his victims in his trek to Las Vegas.

When the two FBI agents see Joe was behind them in a restaurant, a gutsy Joe Dodson leads them on a chase down Route 66 in an attempt to escape before the FBI catches him. But do they find him? Or does he slip through the fingers of justice one more time?

Where Did The Idea Come From?

After finishing Highway 1 Homicides, I had to continue the story of Joe Dodson. This time, I didn’t want Joe to be making a mess with his murders, which is why I created a poison that is used for assisted suicides for him to use on his victims instead. The intent is the same as in Highway 1 Homicides in that he just enjoys killing. And when he finds out it is the same two FBI agents on his tail, he starts to have a little fun.

I came up with more unique ways Joe meets people and how he decides if he will kill or not. The ending is another surprise that I hope you enjoy.

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Published by jameshmorris

Photographer located in Central Oregon.

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