HIGHWAY 1 HOMICIDES – Author’s Summary

Story Summary

Joe Dodson has just been released from prison. After 15 years, he is finally a free man, once again. However, one of the challenges of being a free man with nothing to do, you fall back to what you were doing before you got sent to the big house. After Joe murders one, he gets the inch to do it again. He challenges himself to kill eight people in ten days as he travels down California Highway 1.

The story follows Joe with the FBI in close pursuit. Read the story to find out if Joe reaches his goal or if the FBI catches him along the way.

Where Did The Idea Come From?

In my previous book, California Highway, the character took a road trip down Highway 1 to find himself. While writing that book, I thought it would be an interesting idea to do the same thing again, only this time with a serial killer on the loose.

What makes this story unique is it follows a different structure. Typically, the reader is entertained by the writer putting the reader in the protagonist’s eyes and the hero’s journey through the story. I turned the story around and followed the antagonist, or the villain, as he meets and manipulates people that soon turn into his victims. The FBI, or the protagonists, actually become the supporting characters rather than the reader’s prominent people.

I thought it made an interesting read, and I hope you think so too after reading it.


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