My Newest Novel is in the Works!

Just one of my projects in the works.

There have been some people asking what I have been working on lately. So, I thought I would post an update to give everyone an idea of the project that is on my plate.

The Parrot, by J.H. Morris — Coming Soon!

The Book

The title of my next novel is, “The Parrot: Repeating murder to catch a killer.” It takes place in San Francisco, California, and follows two detectives as they try to run down and apprehend a serial killer from ten years ago after they believe the killer has murdered again.

They realize the new killings have an additional element to the killings that make them realize the killer is not the same one from a decade ago—it is someone new.

As the investigation proceeds, it stumps the detectives after they find their main suspect dead.

The Protagonist

Steve Triggs has been on the force for ten years and has made his way up the ranks to Detective only two weeks ago. As a homicide detective, he is learning to deal with the aftermath of a murder by assisting the lead detective on a case of a serial killer on the loose. His weak stomach proves to be a deterrent for him as he learns how to keep his breakfast down at the scene. He finds out having a weak stomach is the least of his problems.

Why You Should Buy This Book

Does it intimidate you to be as the ‘newbie’ at work? Or maybe you realized that the job you worked so hard to get was going to have challenges you didn’t even know about.

As you follow Steve Triggs in the story, you may see familiar challenges that you, or someone else you know, have been through. Read on to see how Steve deals with adversity and his challenges.

*     *     *

This book is due to be out during the second quarter of 2021. Be looking for updates here on my blog, or on my Amazon Author Page.

While you there, follow me on Amazon so you can be the first to know about any of my additional work coming out.

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