Weekly Photo Writing Prompt – February 6, 2021

Some of you may know that besides writing, I am a photographer. Mainly focusing on landscapes and nature, I have been known to dabble in any genre that comes about. What that means is I will take a picture of whatever I believe to be photo-worthy. If I’m sitting at the pub, and the lighting is just right, I will photograph a pint or the bar maiden, or both. If I see something beautiful, there’s a good chance I’m there with my camera.

You may also know that I am in the process of writing my next novel. Another thriller/suspense with a few plot twists keeps the reader on their toes.

Starting today, I thought I would do a weekly post that includes one of my photographs, using it as a writing prompt. I will have my short story, and you can feel free and join in and reply with your personal short story. (I can’t wait to hear your interpretations.)

Here is this week’s photo:

“Small Town Church” by James H. Morris

Tara’s Wedding Day

He finally found it. The small church was on the other side of town, the opposite direction, the man at the gas station said. It was as if that man was trying to point Sam in the wrong direction on purpose. Sam now stood outside on the steps trying to get the courage to go inside.

Two years had passed since he last saw Tara. Sam only found out about her wedding from reading the newspaper’s announcements. He had only been gone for six months on assignment in Europe. When he returned home, she was gone. Only a note on the kitchen table saying the relationship was over remained.

“Life is unfair,” he thought back then. And he still thought it even more today. “I can’t believe she’s getting married.”

Sam took a couple of deep breaths to gain his courage and walked into the church. The ceremony had already started. He sat in the very last row of pews on the bride’s side and watched.

He looked at Tara and saw how beautiful she looked in her dress. Her hair was braided, and her makeup made her look ten years younger. Her smile was wide, from cheek to cheek. The dress was white, made of intricate lace and jewels. She had never looked more beautiful.

The man she was marrying was tall, with dark hair. Slender build and looked like he had fallen out of a magazine cover for GQ. For a brief moment, Sam thought to himself, “If I was gay, I wouldn’t say no to him.”

As Sam watched the wedding ceremony take place in front of him, he knew Tara’s happiness was all he ever wanted. And she appeared to have found it. He started to cry, seeing what he had lost, simply because of an overseas assignment that had him gone longer than expected. He knew he would never meet another lady like Tara. She was the perfect woman for him – she was the ideal woman… period.

As the ceremony ended, Sam got up to leave. He wanted to see Tara just one more time and decided to stay until the couple left the church. He grabbed a handful of rice, along with the rest of the guests, and waited outside to watch the happy couple go in the awaiting limousine.

It was the perfect clear, mild, spring day as he waited patiently outside, standing only feet away from the limo door and driver. Birds were chirping, and a slow cool breeze blew, taking the edge off the sun’s rays as it hit the crowd of people. He saw the church doors open and heard the guests’ clapping and cheers as the newly wedded couple appeared from inside.

Sam prepared his left hand to throw the white rice in the air when the couple got close. His right hand was suspiciously reaching behind him. Sam threw the rice in the air and pulled a gun out from behind his back.

It only took seconds for the new couple to be lying on the ground in a pool of their own blood. And only seconds for Sam to disappear before the crowd knew what happened.

Sam continued his job as a paid assassin. Being the professional he was, he has not been caught. He still thinks of Tara and knows he will never meet a lady like that ever again.

The end.

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