“California Highway” – Re-written and edited

If you are anything like me as a writer, you get impatient and try to get your new work out as quickly as possible. That’s exactly what I did with my first novel, “Highway One.”

You may have noticed that “Highway One” is no longer available. If you purchased a copy of that book back in mid 2020, consider yourself the owner of a rare issue of one of my early works.

I took it off the market because it was in desperate need of more editing and grammar checks. So, I did what any good author would do and I removed it from publication.

Today, I am announcing the rewritten and edited version of Highway One. This is titled “California Highway.” It’s the same story, just rewritten to flow better and to match my established writing style.

California Highway – Available in paperback or Kindle.

Follow my Amazon Author site for details and be watching for the release on December 24, 2020.

Amazon Author Site – J.H. Morris

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Photographer located in Central Oregon.

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