The Phone Call

I thought I would start to post some of my writing prompts form my book, “Unfinished Stories.” I would love to see replies of how you would finish the story.

Remember, you can pick up your copy of “Unfinished Stories” here.

The Phone Call

Walking down the beach, Steve was not expecting to be interrupted by a phone call. After all, everyone he knew was at the hotel he was staying at. 

 “Hello,” he answered. 

 “Mr. Michaels? This is Sargent Miller of the Richland Police Department. Do you have a minute to talk?”

 Steve noticed the voice on the other side was serious, but it did not sound like there was any urgency. “Well, Sargent,” Steve began, “I am on vacation. Is this something we can discuss when I return home?”

 “I’m afraid not.” Suddenly, the police Sargent seemed to have a priority. “Mr. Michaels, I’m afraid there’s been a terrible accident, and your daughter’s been killed.”

 “That’s impossible.” Steve responded, “My daughter is here with me in Hawaii.”

There was a pause. “You are Steve Michaels of Richland, Virginia, correct?”

“Yes, that’s me. But I’m in Hawaii with my entire family.” Steve responded. “You must have me confused with someone else.”

The police Sargent asked Steve to verify his home address, which Steve did. The Sargent continued, “Well, that’s the correct address.” The Sargent was starting to sound as confused as Steve. “The girl we are calling about is named Emily… Emily Michaels.”

Steve paused as if he was in shock. “Yes, that’s my daughter’s name. But I swear to you, officer, my daughter is safe, here with me. I just had breakfast with her this morning.”

(Your turn… Finish the story.)

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