Unfinished Stories – Writing Prompts

Last week I talked a little bit of writer’s block and even gave you a brief look into what I do to help keep my creative juices flowing. I’m going to continue on with that same topic and talk a bit about two books that I published that are meant for the one purpose of helping writers overcome creative, or writer’s, block.

The first book I published is called “Unfinished Stories.” This book contains twenty short, easy to read stories and are meant to kick off your own personal creativity. Basically, they are a group of writing prompts that will allow the reader a chance to finish the story.

If you are like me, you most likely already subscribe to some sort of daily or weekly writing prompt email to help you stay creative. One problem that I have had with those types of prompts is the vagueness of the idea. I can read the prompt and still have no idea what to write. With “Unfinished Stories,” it gives you two to four paragraphs that you can work with. The story will then abruptly end allow you to take it in any direction you wish.

I believe “Unfinished Stories” would be a great fit for writing students, hobby writers and more. Each story includes two blank, lined pages to allow you to finish the story right inside the book.

Use the links below to pick up your copy today.

Unfinished Stories

Unfinished Stories – Highway One Edition

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