Tired of Creative Block? — Part 2

Photo by Bryan Catota on Pexels.com

Yesterday, I posted about a book I had written called “Unfinished Stories” that has 20 short stories that have been started but have no ending. This allows the reader to finish the story the way they want. It is meant to help the reader get started in their journey of creative writing. (Because we all know, starting is sometimes the most difficult part.)

The inspiration for “Unfinished Stories” came from looking at photos that I have taken over the past few years. I would look at the photo and let my mind wonder into its creative state. The story that you read was inspired by the photo at the beginning of each story.

Today, I am going to tell you about a different sense that I use to unleash my creativity. The sense of sound.

For me, using sound to inspire what I write is my favorite. It allows me to explore the thoughts in my head that are just kind of floating around and have nowhere to go.

Here is the process I take to use sound to inspire my writing:

  1. Turn on some music – I like using Pandora. I have several stations that I have created depending on my mood. And we all know, depending on the mood we are in can easily determine the kind of writing we will end up creating.
  2. Close your eyes – It is important that when you are using sound to inspire you that you do your best to block out the rest of your senses.
  3. Listen to the music track – Depending on the song that is being played can, and will, have an impact on what you will write about. (Note: It is important that you try to focus just on the music. So, I highly recommend headphones.)
  4. As you are listening, start writing – In this day in age, most of us are on a laptop or computer as we write. For those that like to do it old school with pen and paper, I would highly suggest you open your eyes for this step. Since I use a laptop for my writing and I know how to type, I keep my eyes closed. I listen to the song and I start typing the first thing that comes to my head and use that as the starting point for my thought. Sometimes it is one paragraph, and other times it is three or four. It does not matter. The important thing is that you write. Just write whatever is going on in your head at that moment.
  5. Review and Edit – Once you are done, go back and review and edit what you just wrote so it makes sense. Since I keep my eyes closed, there are usually several typing errors and punctuation that needs to be corrected. If you are like me, sometimes you will be surprised at what just came out of your head. Sometime good, sometimes not so good. No matter—As long as you did it.

If you do this three times a week and for about fifteen minutes each time, you will start to see a nice collection of short prompts that could lead you to ideas for your next short story or book.

Currently, I have a collection of over one hundred of these short prompts. I try to do this exercise at least once a week, and it helps me keep that mind creative.

Give it a try and see how it goes.

If you have other ideas, I would love to hear them. Just respond to this post.

Happy writing!

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Photographer located in Central Oregon.

One thought on “Tired of Creative Block? — Part 2

  1. Closing your eyes and writing is a new one, and I guess I should give it a go. In fact, I’m trying to do so with this comment right now, but this is as creative as I can get for the moment, lol. Thanks for sharing!


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