My First Post

As a writer, you are probably thinking I’m going to post some eclectic type post that shows off my grammar and shows that my English teacher in high school did a decent job. Well, I have news for you. That’s not me.

I just finished writing my first novel. (I’m hoping it gets published soon.) After I wrote it, I realized that I need some other way to market and talk about things. So, here I am.

I promise I’m not going to hit you up with email marketing and crap like that. I simply want to let you know what I’m thinking of and the things I’m working on. Believe me, marketing is not on that list.

I will tell you this. My next post is going to be about the books that I have already published. Then I’ll start talking about my novel, “Highway One.”

For now, adios. I hope I can get a few of you to start following me and my journey as an author.

Published by jameshmorris

Photographer located in Central Oregon.

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